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Phone: 520.795.8870
Fax: 520.795.8942
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Faith Risolo, AEA Organizational Consultant,  520.888.1088 or Faith Risolo

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520.888.1088 ext. 225

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VOTING: Members will have the opportunity to vote to ratify the Consensus and White Collar/Food Service Agreement as well as elect the next TEA Vice President. Voting opens Wednesday the 16th and you will receive an electronic ballot Wednesday through your personal email. If you need a paper ballot, please communicate with the TEA office.

The Association Representatives (AR) Meetings has been moved. We have outgrown the TEA office and must move our AR meetings to the Rincon West Library. Park on the north side of Rincon, just off 5th street, and join us at 4:30 on the 30th.

TEA Committees have begun to form and will have their first official meetings this month. Listed are the committees and their first scheduled meeting.
Please find a committee or two that you can pledge to work with and attend their first meeting:

  • ESP: Sept. 16 at 4:30
  • Professional Development: Sept. 21 at 4:30
  • Exceptional Education: Sept. 22 at 4:30
  • Membership: Sept. 24 at 4:30
  • Public Policy: Sept. 24 at 5
  • Budget: Oct. 6 at 5

2014-15 Consensus   2014-15 Consensus Summary Changes
2014-15 White Collar/Food Service  2014-15 White Collar/Food Service Summary Changes

make aptTEA is committed to visiting members and being present at our school sites, as well as interfacing with district leadership and our community, so the TEA office is often closed. We try to staff all day Wednesday but please schedule an appointment to insure that someone will be in the office to meet with you.

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