Have you ever wondered what the purpose of the Tucson Education Association is? Do you sometimes have a question about WHY TEA has conducted a particular activity?

These questions can easily be answered by reading and understanding the TEA Strategic Action Plan contained in our brochure, TEA’s proposed Strategic Action Plan, approved by the Association Representatives on February 12, 2003, is a vision for our Association. It serves as a blueprint to redesign the organization to achieve the goals of the plan as effectively and efficiently as possible. The goals in our plan will guide existing committee activities.

Also contained in this bulletin is TEA’s political platform or “Commitment to the Community.” This platform serves as a declaration of our values. It has been used in networking with community members as well as in the TEA Political Action Committee candidate endorsement process.

Most importantly and simply put is our TEA Mission statement:

To secure professional status and respect for public school employees and to promote quality public education.

Our mission reflects our values as the leading advocate for our profession. We believe that all employees working in our district share these values and our goal this year is to have all employees in our bargaining unit share in the commitment to membership as well. You can help in this goal by engaging with non members and make it your personal goal to recruit one new member from your site or within the district.

Please let us know if you need any support in this effort to strengthen our organization.

United we are stronger!

Jason Freed
TEA President, 2015-2017 Term