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Promoting Excellence in Education

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TEA Board Statement of Support for #REDforED


The Tucson Education Association, in a collaborative effort with the Arizona Educators United and the Arizona Education Association, has been actively supporting the #RedforEd movement. This movement has seen educators and supporters wear red on Wednesdays, commit to “Walk-Ins” and Informational Picketing to build solidarity and awareness for the real needs of our education system.

Now, educators across the state are being asked to vote on whether they are willing to escalate to “walk-outs” to win more funding and support for our schools. This is an important moment for Arizona educators. If a walkout is called, TEA stands committed to work with our district and community to make sure vital student needs are met. The TEA Board supports each individual TUSD staff member to make their own decision, yet we feel it necessary to make our position clear.

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The Governor and Legislature have not addressed our education funding crisis, and our students deserve better. We continue to encourage the Governor and State Legislature to work to appropriately address education funding, and are confident that there is a pathway to bring forward the money, if the Governor chooses to make it a priority.

We firmly believe that this is OUR collective moment.  This is our chance as educators, and as Arizonans, to force our state government to take care of our kids.  To appropriately fund education.  To fill in the gaping $1.1 billion-dollar hole in education funding that has existed for a decade.  This is our chance to LEAD Arizona forward! We support all educators, and our desperate need for funding now, and will continue to be #RedforEd. The TEA Board of Directors is in support of a state-wide walkout to achieve these goals.

Approved by the TEA Board of Directors on April 16, 2018.

Welcome to the 2017-2018 school year. TEA continues its work for educators in the classroom, around the campus, and across the district. We are educators, advocating for the amazing educators in TUSD.  Here are the few of our most recent accomplishments:

  • Salaries increased for the fourth straight year for all employees. These raises total $3900 for Certified and between 4.9% and 6.5% for Classified staff.
  • Teachers see more support in classroom discipline through the 30-minute student removal policy.
  • Negotiated a full payout of 301 funds for eligible employees that leaves room for appeals and incomplete payments.
  • Classified employees: Reduced Letters of Reprimand life down to 18 months; clarified an ESP’s ability to leave work with students the day before a holiday.
  • Certified employees:  Improved and clarified 6/5ths language; created a timeline for disciplinary action by an administrator to a teacher.
  • Exception Education Teacher language clarified.
  • Counselors, social workers, and nurses did not lose any salary wages as we transitioned in the 2017-2018 contract.

Over the last 100 years:

  • TEA has been the consistent advocates for improved salaries and working conditions
  • TEA continues to be on the forefront of fighting for a quality public education system for all Arizona students.
  • Grown membership amongst all employees to better represent all of us.
  • TEA continues to advocate, protect, and speak out for educators and students.

We are stronger than ever in 2017-18. Hope to see you at an AR meeting, a political event, at a Governing Board Meeting, and/or at a TEA social.

Thank you for your commitment to the Tucson community, to our students, and to the Tucson Education Association.

Jason Freed
TEA President