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President’s Update


Jason Freed, Tucson Education Association

Cowboys and Cowgirls,

Rodeo Vacation, a Tucson exclusive.  Whether it is that you attend the rodeo, take a trip, or just relax, enjoy the four-day break, as we push towards the last three months.  Here are a few updates to lead you into the break:

  • Class Sizes – There has been much discussion and even fear that class sizes are going to increase next year.  In short, the only real reason that could happen is if your principal and site council choose to make it so. Please discuss, as a site, Title I Funds, making sure you are involved in setting the budgetary priorities for your site for 2018-2019.  And although the 27:1 initiative is no longer mandated by the district, the funding that supports your current class sizes and Consensus language has not changed.
  • $500!  TEA has negotiated an additional $500 stipend for teachers (301 dollars, so can only be spent on classroom teachers).  This stipend was approved by the Governing Board on January 16th, with the funds paid February 9th and in June ($250 each).  Please make sure to share with your colleagues that this was due to TEA and the hard work of our bargaining team.
  • AEA Delegate Assembly and NEA Representative Assembly – Online ballots will be out next week, so please vote for our representatives
  • TEA Elections – The TEA Board is comprised of passionate and powerful individuals who give their time in the interest of making things better for TEA members, thus improving the quality of learning for all kids.  We are electing a Board Member for the Pueblo Area.  Since this position did not have someone sign up to run for the position by the due date of December 13th, it is now an open election, meaning any TEA member can run. Please consider joining the TEA Board, as we support our Association and strengthen the voice of educators.  Pledge to Serve forms are attached, are due by March 7, with the election taking place later if needed. Pledge forms may be hand-delivered, school mailed, or emailed to TEA.  If elected, you will assume your position on May 29, 2018.  Please email TEA if you have any questions.  We also need to fill a vacancy in the Sabino Area.  This is an open election, so any member can be elected regardless of school (see the attached form), please pledge for the position, and join the Board through the end of the 2018-2019 school year.
  • Lastly, we have all been impacted by the tragedy in Florida.  Please use the following link to read the statement from NEA President Lily Eskelson Garcia:  And please keep the families of those impacted in your thoughts and prayers.

    Please mark your calendar for:

* TUSD Job Fair – March 3 at 9:00 at Catalina High School

* Governing Board Meeting – March 6th and 13th

* TEA Board Elections – Due March 7th

* TEA Day at the Capital – March 21st

Jason Freed
TEA President