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President’s Update


Jason Freed, Tucson Education Association

Priority 1 for all of us needs to be the November election.  We can all agree that being 50th in salaries, and 49th in per-pupil spending is not what our kids deserve.  We are the education warriors that will flip Arizona to a pro-public education state by electing Dr. David Garcia as our Governor, turning the House and Senate to pro-public education supported, voting down Proposition 305, and re-electing Adelita Grijalva to the Governing Board, amongst other significant races.  We all need to step up and help, as we are only a few weeks away from early ballots, and 7 from Election Day.  With a hope that conferences went well, here are the updates:

• WINinNOVEMBER in Full Swing – TEA is All In for the 2018 elections, having already started making phone calls and knocking on doors.  But we can’t do this without your help.  We need as many canvassers as possible every Saturday through November 6.  No one will do the work for us, and everyone is looking at us to help them know who to vote for. We make phone calls out of the TEA office Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:30, and visit with likely voters on Saturday neighborhood walks.  Please mark off some time in your schedule to join us.  If we don’t do this work, we will be stuck with another group of people who underfund our kids and our community.  After all the work we put in during #REDforED and the walkout, we must continue to fight on.  Thank you for what we have done already, and what we will do together.

• TUSD Neighborhood Walks – In addition, the best canvass walks are ones near schools, with those staffs taking part in the canvass.  5 educators can easily knock on 250 doors in an afternoon, and when you say “I work at the school down the street,” people will listen to you.  Multiple sites have already started their canvass plans, so contact TEA so we can help you and your colleagues.

• TUSD Board Candidate Forum – MARK YOUR CALENDAR NOW for Tuesday, October 2, 5-7 in the Tucson High Little Theater.  TEA has invited all five candidates for TUSD School Board to the forum, as well as partner groups who are equally invested in the outcome of the TUSD Board election.  We will have an opportunity to hear from the candidates, as well as ask direct questions about what their vision is for TUSD.  The school board impacts all of us directly, so finding the best two candidates to help move TUSD forward is imperative.  We will see you October 2.

• Restorative Practice PD – The training was excellent.  Thank you to those of you that attended.  TEA will attempt to repeat this training early in the Spring semester.

• Events Popping Up During the election season, there will constantly be new events popping up, so much so that we may not be able to get them out to you though email.  Please make sure you are connected to TEA on facebook so that we can make sure you are up-to-date.

• World Care Educator Freebies – The amazing people at World Care are again supporting educators with FREE materials.  Saturday the 15th, from 9-1, you can get free education materials, as well as 25% off everything else.  Go to 2560 N. Huachua, 85745, and please bring your id, for these free materials.

• Red Wednesdays and Vests – Please continue to wear your red on Wednesdays. As the movement continues forward, we must stay connected and united, the champions and leaders that will make sure we elect pro-public education candidates.

Please mark your calendar for:

* Phone Banking – Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-6:30

* still INVESTed Canvass Walks – Saturday at 8:30

* World Care Freebies – Saturday 9-1 at 2560 N. Huachua

* Together We Win: Positive Change Through the Ballot Box – Sunday Sept 23 from 4-7:00 at the Rialto Theater

* Governing Board Meetings – September 25, October 3

* TUSD Board Candidate Forum – Oct 2, 5-7, in the Tucson High Little Theater

This is our time, and our election.  Our students deserve better funding, and we deserve to be paid like the professionals we are.  When we engage in this election, we will reap the benefits of a fully-funded education system that has small class sizes, buildings that are not crumbling, updated technology, and salaries that respect the work that educators do.  We will see you Saturday for the canvass, start planning your site canvass, and mark your calendar for October 2.

Jason Freed

TEA President