President’s Update


Jason Freed, Tucson Education Association

The temperature has finally dropped, a cold-strand is running through our schools (stay healthy), and the General Election is less than two weeks away.  With Halloween on the mind, the only thing scarier than the lack of education funding in Arizona is to think of allowing the same thing to happen in 2019.  We MUST all do everything possible to get pro-public education candidates elected.  See the updates below, and commit yourself to at least one additional action:

  • WINinNOVEMBER – If the election season is a marathon, we are down to the sprint portion.  So we all need to raise our level of activity, engaging heavily in getting the right folks elected, as we fight for our students, our colleagues, and our state.  Please come join us, Tuesdays and Thursdays for phone calls, and Saturday to canvass.  Remember, mail-in ballots are already out, so our work these weeks is all the more critical.  Below are two links, one for the recommended candidates, and the other for propositions, remembering our endorsement of Adelita Grijalva for Governing Board.                                           

Tucson Education Association Canvass
October 27, 2018 • 8:30 AM
Tucson Education Association Office
5447 E 5th St #100

Tucson Education Association Canvass
November 03, 2018 • 8:30 AM
Tucson Education Association Office
5447 E 5th St #100

  • Site Membership Engagement Plan – TEA has successfully increased our membership every year for the last four years.  In addition to growing our membership, we need to grow our capacity and engagement.  To do so, TEA is asking you what you need at your site to help you gain new members, retain your current members, and to get both groups to be involved.  Below you will see a link which will take you to a short form.  Please fill it out, letting TEA know what your site plan is, and the support you need from TEA.  We have set aside TEA funds to support your plan, and we are looking forward to supporting the amazing leaders throughout TEA.
  • TEA Recruitment Incentives!!! – Do you want to win $150?  For every member you sign between 10-22 and 12-12 your name will be entered into a raffle for $150, and the member who is signed entered for a $100 drawing.  So please go out and sign folks to join TEA, and increase your odds of winning $150.  The ticket will be pulled at the December 12 General Membership Meeting at TEA.
  • Events Popping Up  During the election season, there will constantly be new events popping up, so much so that we may not be able to get them out to you through email.  Please make sure you are connected to TEA on facebook so that we can keep you up-to-date.
  • Partial Unitary Status Order UPDATE– Good News: The Governing Board agreed with Superintendent Trujillo and TUSD Legal Council to file an appeal.  The particulars of the appeal are still to be crafted, with the understanding that there is universal belief from the Board that central hiring is a bad idea for TUSD.  TEA will keep you posted on the progress, as this will take months before any resolution will come to pass.  Thank you for your emails, as it gave the necessary direction to the Governing Board members.
  • TUSD Neighborhood Walks – The best canvass walks are ones near schools, with those members taking part in the canvass.  Through AEU pages, canvasses are happening all over TUSD, so look for one near you, or create it yourself.  5 educators can easily knock on 250 doors in an afternoon, and when you say, “I work at the school down the street,” people will listen to you.  Please contact TEA and we will help you and your colleagues organize a walk.
  • Red Wednesdays – Please continue to wear your red on Wednesdays.


Please mark your calendar for:

* Phone Banking – Tuesday and Thursday 4:30-6:30

* still INVESTed Canvass Walks – Saturday at 8:30

* Governing Board Meetings at Duffy – November 13

*  ESP Celebration – November 14 at 4:45 at On The Border

This is OUR TIME, and this is OUR ELECTION!  We will work for the next two weeks, then all of Arizona can celebrate with us for the next two years!  Thank you, and stay united.

Jason Freed
TEA President