President’s Update

Jason Freed, Tucson Education Association

January 9, 2018


Welcome to 2018!  The school year has flown by, and second semester promises to be just as busy as the first one.  Hopefully you were able to enjoy the time with your loved ones, helping us to re-center ourselves for the challenging and significant work we do for our students and community.  TEA has hit the ground running, with the important events and issues in the following message:

$500!  TEA has negotiated an additional $500 stipend for teachers (301 dollars, so can only be spent on classroom teachers).  We are assuming approval will come from the Governing Board on January 16th, with the funds paid in February and June ($250 each).  TEA will keep you posted, and please make sure to share with your colleagues that this was due to TEA and the hard work of our bargaining team.

TEA Elections – It is time to start the annual TEA Elections process for TEA Board positions.  The TEA Board is comprised of passionate and powerful individuals who give their time in the interest of making things better for TEA members, thus improving the quality of learning for all kids.  We are electing Board Members for the Pueblo, Santa Rita, and Tucson Areas.  Since these positions did not have someone sign up to run for the position by the due date of December 13th, they are now open elections, meaning any TEA member can run.  Please consider joining the TEA Board, as we support our Association and strengthen the voice of educators.  Pledge to Serve forms are attached, are due by January 24, with the election taking place in February if needed.  Pledge forms may be hand-delivered, school mailed, or emailed to TEA.  If elected, you will assume your position on May 29, 2018.  Please email TEA if you have any questions.  We also need to fill a vacancy in the Sabino Area.  If you work at one of the schools in this area (see the attached form to verify), please pledge for the position, and join the Board through the end of the 2018-2019 school year.

Southern Region Legislative Reception – It’s no secret that the Legislature has cut $1.1 billion dollars from public education since 2008.  We need to remind our elected officials that Arizonans expect real and substantial investment for our public schools in the 2018 legislative session.  TEA and AEA are hosting a reception on January 20th from 11:30-1:30 at the Ward 2 Office, 7575 E Speedway (flier attached).  Please make sure to join us.

TEA Turns 100! – Over 100 members and supporters attended the Celebration in December.  Thank you all for joining us, and every past and present member of TEA for helping us reach this milestone.  Now on to the next 100 years!

Backpack Full of Cash, a documentary about the cost of privatizing public schools, will be showing Jan 23 at 6:30 at the Loft.

Save Our Schools Rally – Thousands of educators and supporters gathered this past Saturday at the State Capitol in support of prioritizing our public schools, including many proud TEA members.  The message to our Governor and Legislature are clear; we need substantial, sustainable, and permanent funding for our school – NOW  Check out our facebook page for photos of TEA members in action.

TUSD Governing Board Update – The Governing Board elects their officers in the first meeting in January.  On Tuesday the 9th, the Governing Board electing Dr. Stegeman to be President for the first six months, and Mr. Hicks to the second six months.  Splitting the term has not happened in TUSD in some time, and no explanation for such an action was provided.  Ms. Foster was elected as Board Clerk.  The Board will be meeting on January 16th, 23rd, and 30th, so please join other TEA members at the meetings.  They will be starting at 6:00 PM through May.

Please mark your calendar for:

* Governing Board Meeting on the 16th, 23rd, and 30th.

*TEA Board Elections – Due January 24th

*Backpack Full of Cash on January 23rd

*Legislative Reception on January 20th

Jason Freed

TEA President